Presto-Digital-Profry-300x240If you’re looking for a practical addition to your kitchen, the Presto Digital Profry is your best bet.

Not only is the Presto Digital Profry an attractive counter-top deep fryer, it’s very affordable compared to Presto Kitchen Kettle , and a great way to get into making your own fried foods.

Easy Cleanup with the Presto 05462 Digital Profry Deep Fryer

Both the heating element and the pot are easy to remove after use, and clean up quick. Everything you need for the Presto Digital Profry fits neatly into the base for simple storage so nothing is ever lost.

I love the fry basket that comes with the Presto 05462 Profry. No one likes fishing around in a hot pot of oil for foods with a fork or spoon. With the fry basket you simply put the food you want to fry into the oil, and lift it all out when done.

No mess, no greasy splatters and burns, and with the Presto Profry basket, it won’t take forever to get the food either. You lift it out and put it on your plate in seconds.

Features of the Presto Digital Profry

The Presto Digital Profry, also known as the Presto 05462, is a rectangular unit that fits neatly into corners, or slides easily under most cabinets.

The square shape makes it easy to store in cabinets as well so you can put this deep fryer up, out of the way when you’re not using it. Some of the other features of the Presto Digital Profry include:

  • Lightweight portabilityPresto-Digital-Profry1-300x300
  • 9-cup capacity
  • Immersion heating
  • Large Fry Basket
  • Digital display
  • LED signal readout
  • 1-year warranty

Ready Fast Every Time

The Presto 05462 Digital Profry is ready in minutes thanks to the immersion heating element.

With the heating element right in the oil, it heats up faster at the start, and also regains its heat after a fry session in a fraction of the time it takes outside elements to heat the oil.

At 1800 watts, the Presto Digital Profry has the power to heat up fast, and stay hot even when you open the lid to remove foods. Quick heating makes for better, more evenly fried foods, and the Presto Digital Profry is fast.

Presto-Digital-Profry-ReviewsEasy to Read: Simple to Control

Big, bright LED readouts on the console of the Presto Digital Profry make it easy to read even when you’re busy preparing a large meal.

The control panel on this Presto deep fryer lets you adjust the thermostat to the perfect temperature for any type of food, and it also has a timer up to 30 minutes so you don’t have to watch your deep fryer while you make your meals.

Perfect Size

A 9-cup capacity is perfect for an average family, and the fast and steady heating of the Presto Digital Profry lets you consistently make your favorite appetizers and entrees even when you have guests or throw a party. Keep the fried foods moving out with the Presto 05462.

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Downfalls of the Presto Digital Profry

It takes a lot of oil to fill the Presto 05462 Deep Fryer. However, that’s one of the pitfalls of most deep fryers. If you need a lot less food, and only want to deep fry small amounts, you may be better off with a smaller unit. Otherwise, no matter where you look for a deep fryer, deep means using a lot of oil, and the Presto Digital Profry is well within reasonable limits for oil consumption.


For a family on a budget, the Presto 05462 Digital Profry is the perfect addition to the kitchen. The Presto Digital Profry has everything you could possibly want in a deep fryer at a very affordable price.