The Classy and Elegant Oster CKSTDFZM70 Deep Fryer


Classy beauty and tough durability make the Oster CKSTDFZM70 a great addition to any kitchen. The 4-liter Oster deep fryer is perfect for family dinners, a quick snack or to make enough for delicious hors d’ oeuvres for dinner parties.

Plenty of Room for Everybody’s Favorites

The 4-liter capacity of the Oster deep fryer means there is plenty of room for all of your favorite fried foods from fried chicken to delicious breaded vegetables.

Make healthy meals your children will love, and then impress your guests with professional quality fried foods for your dinners or parties.

Features of the Oster CKSTDFZM70 4 Liter Cool Touch Deep Fryer

  • 4-liter oil capacity
  • Folding handle fry basket
  • Digital 60-minute timer
  • Easy adjustable thermostat
  • Locking Lid
  • Dual filters

Locked Down

The locking lid on the Oster CKSTDFZM70 deep fryer keeps your kitchen counters clean and free of oil splatters, but it also keeps your family safe. The locking lid means you don’t have to worry about small children running around when you’re cooking, accidental spills or other dangers when using hot oil.

Most deep fryers have handles that stick out and make it more likely young children can hit or catch them as they move about the kitchen. The Oster deep fryer’s basket handles fold neatly inside the unit so the lid can close completely and keep everyone safe. It also makes the Oster CKSTDFZM70 look sharper, and neater on your kitchen counter.

Adjustable Heating Temperatures

All good chefs know that the secret to perfectly prepared fried foods is the temperature. If the oil is too cold, foods turn out soggy; if it is too hot they get burnt. The Oster deep fryer makes perfect fried foods every time by giving you the power to adjust the thermostat to the perfect temperature for each food.

Timed Perfect

Timing is another important element in cooking fried foods. The Oster CKSTDFZM70 has a timer you can set for up to 60 minutes so you can start on time, and finish just right for your meals so everything goes on the table at exactly the right time, and you never over-fry your delicate foods.

With the Oster deep fryer you can make delicious shrimp fritters, sweet potato croquettes and even delicate fried okra that turn out beautifully every time.

Cool to Look at and Cool to Touch

The Oster deep fryer is beautiful to look at, and as cool as that is on your kitchen counter, what makes the Oster CKSTDFZM70 even cooler is the steel housing that stays cool even when in heavy use so you won’t burn yourself on it, and your family will always be safe in your kitchen.

The steel frame is also extra durable, so it will last for years. Dual filters built into the lid allow steam to escape, while keeping odors locked in and your kitchen smelling wonderful too.

Safety Cord

The Oster CKSTDFZM70 deep fryer has a sure release cord that makes it extra safe. If accidents happen and spills occur, the locking lid keeps the hot oil in place and the disconnecting cord cuts the power to prevent burns and fires.